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QuickBooks Online Advanced

QuickBooks Online Advanced is the newest QuickBooks Online option announced in the summer of 2019.  It’s subscription-based cloud accounting software to help you run your business better. While there are five “flavors” of QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Advanced is the most robust for small and mid-sized businesses. And its features are stunning.

Dashboard Financial Reporting

The most exciting feature of QuickBooks Advanced is its smart dashboard reporting powered by Fathom™. Fathom puts your financial data in graphical form so that it comes alive. You’ll instantly be asking your accountant questions about your data and you’ll be able to understand it much faster than ever before.

Forget the boring income statement and don’t-know-what-it-means balance sheet of yesterday. With Fathom, you can set financial goals for your business, check out a red and green (hopefully more green) cash flow forecast, view trends, and simply get much smarter about your financial position. (And studies show that owners that are finance-smart make more profits in their businesses than others.)

Custom Fields

This Advanced feature provides for up to 10 custom fields, including drop-down capability so that your database data is cleaner.

User Permissions

QuickBooks Online Advanced allows for up to 25 users as well as more granular user permissions so that the people who need to have access to a feature do and those that don’t, don’t.  And that’s better internal control and fraud risk reduction for your business.

Accelerated Invoicing

This Advanced feature enhances basic invoicing with several new features including more robust recurring billing.

Higher Level Support

With QuickBooks Online Advanced, you have access to Priority Circle, which is a higher level of product support for faster answers to your questions.

Complimentary Consulting Session

Want to learn more about QuickBooks Online Advanced today?  To set up a no-cost, no-obligation demo, give us a call or email us today.